Our Covid-19 policy

Formerly, The Retreat at Blue Lagoon, we rebranded as The Phoenix Retreat in 2020, after the worldwide pandemic of Covid-19 forced us to close our doors and consider what the future might hold.

At the start of the pandemic the Sri Lankan government decided to close its borders and the airports were open for repatriation flights only. The Government’s covid policy is to require all foreign tourists to stay at Sri Lankan Tourist Board (SLTB) approved accommodation, once the borders reopen. The SLTB require all properties; hotels, villas, guest houses registered with them, to adhere to their health and safety and covid safety policies. We were one of the first privately owned villas to obtain accreditation, with merit (see our certificate in the photos section of this website)

Our Covid-19 policy:

What to expect of us?

Our staff are trained in health and safety and cleaning procedures specific to covid. As a minimum, frequently touched surfaces will be wiped down at the beginning and at the end of each day by our staff, (in particular in the bathrooms and kitchen) using standard cleaning products such as detergents and bleach, paying attention to all surfaces but especially ones that are touched frequently, such as door handles, light switches, surfaces, remote controls and electronic devices.

All staff and guests will have access to hand washing and hand-sanitising facilities.

All staff are required to wear facemasks inside the property

There will be a minimum 48 hours between bookings of different parties of guests as current research shows the risk of residual infectious virus is likely to be significantly reduced after 48 hours.

What we expect of you?

No guest should invite anyone to the property who is not a paying guest of the Retreat as our contact tracing will be limited to those persons who have booked with us.

For the same reason, upon booking, the lead name guest will be required to provide their telephone number and address and be responsible for their group.

If any of your party develop symptoms or are tested positive for covid-19, we and are staff must be informed immediately. Our staff will assist if medical referral is required